Japanese crazy guy “Homeless Kotani”

His name is Makoto Kotani, born in Hyogo in1983, now he is 32 years old.

He had been a comedian for 10 years in Osaka, belonged to Yoshimoto, which is most famous comedian office, but he couldn’t become famous as a comedian.

He thought it depended on the area, Osaka is not the best place for him.

Then he decided to move to Tokyo though he had no connection with Tokyo.

The first day he moved to Tokyo, it was really luckily, he met Nishino unexpectedly.

The Nishino is known as a famous comedian in Japan, because he appered “Haneru no Tobira”, which was popular TV program for young guys.


引用元:キングコング西野亮廣が同居していた後輩芸人・小谷を追い出し「家賃滞納。彼は今夜からホームレス芸人」 | ガールズちゃんねる – Girls Channel –

Then Kotani decided to live in his house due to his kindness, but he couldn’t pay the rent for two months.

After all, Nishino made him that he would live as a “homeless”.

He thought if Kotani becomes homeless, interesting things happen to him.

So Kotani started homeless life.

First of all, he used SNS like Facebook and Twitter.

He said to everyone “Please help me because unfortunately I just have became a homeless”.

Now two years passed since he became a homeless person, of course though he is still homeless person, three interesting things happened to him.

The first thing is he got married with really pretty woman, who was a his follower on Twitter.


Secondly he gained weight about 10kg though he is homeless.

Last thing is that he wrote a book.

Now, he sells his time for one day for 50 yen, he does anything that the customer wants him to do.

For example, he stood in a lin to buy new iPhone for ten days.

At the end of every year, he holds “Tensai Banpaku festival”. He asked many great performers who are not famous to play in the event.

He sells all tickets by himself.

I won’t be able to take part in the festival but I bought 10 tickets, because I will be in India in the end of this year.

He went to Taisan and Korea, because someone bought his time for one day for 50 yen, donated tickets to there.

I’m really looking forward to seeing his new activities!

□参考記事:【5,000円を35,000円に?!】念願の初対面!ホームレス芸人・小谷の魅力は想像をはるかに超えていた・・・ : もっと楽しく!

Life is fun!

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Let’s play together!!

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